Universal Centroid


Spiral Groove’s Centroid tonearm was originally built in a version dedicated for use only on Spiral Groove turntables. The Universal Centroid allows audiophiles to experience its award winning performance on other brands of turntables. Only the mounting system is different. The performance, features, and use of the Centroid tonearm are identical for both versions with all adjustment parameters available to attain the best performance from your cartridge.

Like all Spiral Groove components, the Universal Centroid arm is designed for easy adjustment, reliable operation and unsurpassed performance. The Universal Centroid includes a custom set of tools to achieve exact pivot to spindle distance and bearing height with ease, and, the arm requires only a single hole for attaching.


  • Mounting tools for finding the precise spindle-to-pivot distance and correct bearing height.
  • Arm base mounts in single hole with wires exiting from the rear of the arm.
  • Low weight design is suitable for use on many suspended chassis turntables.