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Spiral Groove


Spiral Groove products are developed and manufactured in Berkeley, California. Founded in 2005, Spiral Groove is a design and manufacturing firm dedicated to building high-performance audio products with a focus on analog. Since its inception Spiral Groove has been building world-class turntables and tonearms that have received numerous awards and accolades worldwide.

Building on more than 20 years of high-end audio design experience, co-founder Allen Perkins uses a development method he calls Balanced Force Design® to conceive and manufacture every product. With Balanced Force Design, the interaction between idealized design concepts, materials, and engineering possibilities are balanced in components that are pleasing to look at and operate, extremely reliable, and always convey the music. It’s a balance of physics, engineering, science, art and intuition.

Allen is collaborating with some of the industry’s most skilled and accomplished designers in an on-going effort to produce the finest audio products possible.

Spiral Groove is distributed in the U.S. by Immedia.