The Revolution

Revolution: Passion meets Performance

A serious 'entry-level' turntable for very high quality analog playback; the Spiral Groove Revolution incorporates sleek lines and bold colors in a “modern meets retro” package.

The SG Revolution is what happens when you blend just-the-right materials with uber-careful acoustics and electronic design.

The combination of materials and careful design are primary forces in the SG Revolution Turntable. Multiple layers of impedance matched material in the body, platter and feet, deliver an ideal playback environment for the LP.

The Revolution body is a sandwich of aluminum and delrin. This rigid platform creates a tightly coupled yet isolated connection between platter and tone arm. Its aluminum platter, with varied interior and exterior angles, is topped with a delrin record surface to create an isolated energy sink for stylus-induced vibrations. A low voltage AC synchronous motor and highly evolved motor control system assure constant speed and minimum noise. Graphite, aluminum, and engineered elastomer, in the height-adjustable feet provide excellent isolation from external disturbances.

This carefully orchestrated combination of high mass, extreme solidity, superior speed stability and non-existent noise floor, converge in the Spiral Groove Revolution to deliver the cutting edge of LP playback.

  • Weight - 78 lbs. excluding tonearm and power supply
  • Size - 20” W x 15” D x 7” H
  • Body - Aluminum and delrin sandwich
  • Platter - Aluminum with delrin record surface
  • Platter bearing - Hardened steel low profile inverted bearing with sapphire thrust plate.
  • Feet - Graphite, aluminum and elastomer - height adjustable
  • Motor - AC synchronous
  • Power supply - AC sine wave generator and amplifier. Phase corrected and frequency adjustable.
  • Speeds - 33 - 45 rpm, adjustable
  • Removable arm board
  • Magnetic weight reduction system in platter
  • Guarantee - 10 years mechanical, 3 years electrical