Centroid Tonearm


Spiral Groove’s Centroid Tonearm sets the new standard for performance as well as easy, precise setup. Its exceptional rigidity and low inertia keep the cartridge stable while allowing the stylus to move freely through the record groove. The materials and construction of the Centroid were developed to provide rapid energy transfer from the cartridge to the turntable chassis, so spurious vibrations are not “echoed” back to the stylus. These are two reasons our tone arm delivers unsurpassed speed, dynamic energy, and tonal purity. No other tone arm available today dispenses with wayward energy more effectively than the Centroid.

It is also exceptionally well balanced. Spiral Groove used computer modeling to better understand the forces exerted on the arm as the cartridge tracks the record. Being able to locate, measure, and visualize these forces means that we didn’t guess what the arm experiences when tracking the record. We know. We call our process Balanced Force Design™ and it gives the Centroid near-perfect tracking and optimizes cartridge performance.

Like Spiral Groove turntables, the Centroid is user-friendly. If you can’t achieve precise adjustment, the potential of quality cartridges cannot be realized. The Centroid allows adjust of overhang, VTA, azimuth, anti-skate , and tracking force, with remarkable precision. Better still, achieving these adjustments requires far less time thanks to Spiral Groove's patented mirror gauge and setup system, that is included with each tonearm.

Tonearm Features

  • Balanced Force Design™ approach results in minimum torque on the cartridge for superior tracking.
  • Patented Counterweight design minimizes moment of inertia.
  • 10 inch pivot-to-stylus distance
  • Matched Swiss sapphire cup jewel and hardened steel upper bearing
  • “Zero tolerance” Unipivot bearing design
  • Multi-layered, damped arm tube from low mass, high strength aluminum/carbon fiber
  • High purity copper internal hyper-litz wiring
  • Overhang, VTA, Azimuth, Zenith, Anti-skate and Tracking Force easily adjustable
  • Precise mirror set-up gauge included