Balanced Force Design


Balanced Force Design is the heart of Spiral Groove. It is the guiding principle for all of the products we manufacture. To create a product in homeostasis: ultra-high performance, intuitive user interaction, durability, and beauty in equilibrium.

Balanced Force Design is a simple concept, though the implementation of it is an exacting discipline that brooks no short-cuts or omissions. First we clearly define the function of the component being developed, i.e.: a silent platter that rotates at a constant 33⅓ RPM. Next we identify any mechanical or electronic effects that would compromise or impede this function—taking into account the other systems simultaneously operating in a turntable. Next, to identify and understand the inter-related dynamics of all of these parts, multiple iterations of listening, measurement, and analysis is required. Then its balancing, adjusting, modifying, and re-analyzing the task-specific individual solutions until they work together in perfect harmony without adding noise or vibrations.

After accounting for theoretical, mechanical, electronic, and physical manufacturing constraints, prototyping, testing, and repeating the process to reach Beta or Alpha versions, the end product embodies elegance, outstanding performance, long service life, and ease of use. Not all of the design elements that contribute to these qualities are obvious in, say, the clean outline of the turntables' surface form. But their presence is clearly evident when you turn it on and listen to music.

Balanced Force Design is Allen Perkins’ personal insight and intuition into concepts, materials, and inter-related forces. This method and philosophy has been embodied in his turntables and tonearms for over 20 years. Today Allen continues to invent, design, and refine in a search for the limits of analog reproduction.


  • Abiding love for good sound and audio systems that deliver it
  • Detailed understanding of music, audio components and psycho-acoustics
  • 30 years of audio engineering development
  • Unrelenting, single-minded pursuit of perfection